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Shibahshkan Ch. 01 [28 Feb 2012|06:36pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Title: Shibahshkan
Author: MidNightObsession / or Kenneth Johnson
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: None, yet
Disclaimer: No Sex, Harsh Words, Misunderstandings
Summary: A group of people's birthday is arriving soon, these group of people are experincing hard times. A new planet is under ther feet what esle could go wrong? How can they make it back to their home planets?

Doesn't help god and the devil are having an affiar.

Chapter 01: Act 1
I ran into my house, throwing my backpack aside. "Mom! I'm going to be upstairs playing ToD, call me when dinner is ready! " I shouted, going into my room not relaying on an answer. I quickly turned on my computer and started playing, I'm a pro at this game. It's called ToD, short for Time of Day. Well it's time for me to get the highest score! I said to myself smirking. After an hour of playing, I take a small rest. Leaning back in my chair. I look over at the mirror and sigh. " Nothing great about me." I say to myself softly. I'm your typical nerd. Black rim glasses, buck teeth, orange eyes, and black hair. Nothing special.
I get boerd of my game and move on to things "More challenging" I hack into a private WI-FI, nothing special I do it all the time. But this guys I steal it from claims different life forms are in other planets. No one believes him, I don't - kinda. I mean, it would explain a lot. I'm Alexander Da Rala, I'm the 100th person on my planet, earth. So I'm guess I'm "special". I turn 16 in two days, and nothing ever happens ...ever. Same boring school, no sex, no relationships, no guys, no girls. I do read a lot about earths past "life". Apparently it was easy to have children back then? Also homosexuality wasn't permitted? Sounds like a fairy tale gone wrong, something about black slaves also - but I wasn't to into that. Sounded made up, no one is that heartless.
Anyway, I'm messing around with the WI-FI as it takes me some where esle. I guess the guy found out I was hacking him, oh well. It takes me to a webcam site. I shrugged and thought I'd see what it was about. A screen was fading in and out, as a voice popped in. "Damn computer! Work!" The voice said, more like a roar. I was in shock from the random sound. "Old man, taking me to one of his porno sites probably." I whispered to myself. The screen finally became clear. My heart stopped. A beautiful greyish/brownish person appeared in the screen. A guy, no doubt. His eyes we're closed, frustrated with his computer not working. He flashed them open sightly, then fully. His eyes we're a blazing a blue, the other part - where the white is suppose to be, were an oddly colored yellow. That made me jump. He saw me, I think, but made no intention on speaking. His black hair was silking I just wanted to touch it. "W-who are you?" I whispered, having no intention on him hearing me. He beared his teeth, which was quite sharp. "What? Human speak up!" He shouted. I jumped again. "W-w-who are you?" I finally said. Did I mention he's hot? Well, in an oddly strange way - he's crazy fucking hot. "Who am I? You're the fucking one who came out of no where in my chat-room!" He shouted. "I was...I was hacking. This randomly popped up." I said, glopping. He screams a lot, scary. He backed away from his webcam - he had blueish-red horn sticking out of his head. This is a sick a porno, I thought to myself. "I'm Fire." He finally said. Fire is such an odd name, there has to be something esle to it. "Just, Fire?" I asked. He rolled his yellowish, blue eyes. "El Firerah Thuns" He said, I'll gladly stick to Fire.
"Your Alexander." He said. I never said my name, weird. " How do you know that?" I asked. He smirked as his eyes flashed red, going back to blue. "I'm god, that's why." And with that, my internet was terminated. I sit at my computer desk, in total shock. I sat there for half an hour replaying what happened exactly. I get out a pen and start sketching a picture of how he looked. Blue eyes, yellow back eyes, two blue tattoos on the side of his face, greyish;whiteish, brown skin color, blueish-red horns, and sharp fangs. I lay on my bed, closing my eyes this couldn't had happened. All my imagination. My imagination.
Act 2:
I cried, I cried, and I cried. "Mom please! Don't! I'm no different then you and dad!" I said crying, as my mom was pushing me into a space pod. I'm turning 17 today, I shouldn't have turned 17 today. It's not cool. It's not fun. They hate me. They hate me! I thought to myself, as my older sister threw my laptop at me breaking my train of thought. She kissed me on the forehead, and looked me in the eyes. "Jessica, I love you. But you not of our people. Our DNA, stopped changing long ago, yours have changed for some odd reason, but your dangerous. For that, you are no longer - a HumKain. Good-Bye, happy birthday. " My older sister, Rose said. She closed the door on my pod. I started pounding my fist into the door and screamed. "Open the damn door." The pod started slowly raising from the ground. My anger got the best of me. My body shook, my eyes flashed pink, my wings lushed out from my body. My blonde hair turned a snow white color. Certain areas of my body flashed pink, I raised my hand again, ready to punch though the glass. I was electricated, strong enough to make me pass out.
Not sure how much time passed, I woke up in a place I've never seen before. The ground was a rocky blue color. I slowly got up, I guess the crash damaged my body. I slowly walk around for about an hour, I see the pod I was in broken - but still in contact. I run over looking for things. I found my laptop. I popped it open, and went on my WordBook. I updated my stauts: "Guys? I'm ..I'm lost! I need help! Please! " I posted it. I closed it and began walking some more. I figured out something, this isn't my planet. How I'm still breathing is beyond me. I guess those old history books were wrong. I walked for it seemed like hours. I finally sit down and pop back open my laptop. 139 comments. I took a deep breath and began reading. " Looks like you've been thrown off of your planet." A voice from behind me said. I quickly look back, a small child with green hair, a small pony tail, and thick glasses was standing there. "What is a child doing here?" I asked. The child smirked. "There's no child here love." The child softly to me. "Your obviously a child, I'm not sure why you look like those people in all my history books, but your a child, a girl no doubt. " I said, I took a deep breath. Why act tough now? I'll die soon. I ruffled the girls hair. She smirked. " Fool I'm a grown man, keep talking high to me and I won't help you." S/he said.
I blinked, sitting there shocked. "Now, I suggest you not to read your...WB." S/he said. I didn't ask, I just did as s/he said. "Your human?" I blurted out. S/he laughed. "No, but I'm fairly close to it." S/he said. S/he removed his glasses and closed his eyes as if he was foucsing on something. It's body started growing before my eyes. Within 5 seconds a attractive man, standing at 6'5 was standing before me. He removed the pony tale that hanged in the front of his hair. " I'm a 38 yr old, male. I'm Jessie Carvela. A Humen. Close to human, but not quiet. Now come, I'm getting tired and you look like you need the rest." He said picking me up, and carrying me to a huge mansion sized house. I blushed at the sudden contact. Not every day a handsome man carries me into his house. Even if he's not a HumKain, I'd fuck him silly.
He laid me down on to a bed, this must be it like on those movies. "So is this where you fuck me?" I asked cutely. His face turned a dark red as he waved his finger side to side. "No no no no no! That is NOT my job! I requested you, and I have intention on putting that as my advantage. I, do not save women and fuck them. I don't even know you." He said as he got up and walked out my room. I love a man who plays hard to get.
With him gone, I might as well check my WordBook. I opened my computer and start reading. 10 minutes it took me to read all those comments. Me still being alive, doesn't please them. The tears start coming from no where, I start crying. I can't believe everyone's upset I didn't die. I hug the pillow laying on my bed and cry into it. What esle could go bad? What fucking esle.
Act 3:
I sit there staring at the little girl crying. I sighed. " You've been crying for an hour straight. Come on." I said casually. She looked up at me, glaring. She did a monsterous scream, sending me flying miles away. I land in a pile of blue dirt. This girl is annoying, this new planet is annoying. I sigh laying on the dirt. "What a fucking drag. She's a total bitch!" I said to myself as I slowly got up. She's there staring at me. I nervously smile. "Hey there. How much did you hear? Cutie? " I asked. He glared harder and meaner then before, knowing where this was going to I started to run off as fast as I could. I hear a louder scream, not looking back I'm flown into the air, now it was time for some screaming of my own. Unlucky this time, I land on to the hard, cold, blue ground. To think 4 hours ago I was at home, eating Keethos. Fuck my teenagee life. Is what I thought as I was laying on the ground with my eyes closed. I felt a pressure on my stomach, I open them it was none other then her. "If your nice, I won't scream." She warned, all I could do was nod my head in agreement.
She smiles as she started playing with my red and black hair, shaping it and forming it. I lay there and let it happen. Minutes later I pick her up and start walking, looking for anyone who can help. "So, why are you here?" I asked, making small talk. She burried her head in my deck. She softly started crying, I stupidly hit a soft spot. "My dad said I was dangerous. My screams we're powerful, not meant for a little girl of Tarth to have a voice like that. My daddy, Bill. Pushed me into a pod, saying he'll get me later. I just have to wait." She said happily. I smile with her, can't go breaking a little girls heart. "I'm here because I can blast though stuff, ya know?" I said. She titled her head blinking, not knowing.
With my free arm, I shot a powerful blast into the distance. "That, see?" I said calmly. She looked in acknowledgement. "Wooooow! Cool big brother!" Shocked at what she called me, I slowly smiled. I guess we are family now. I could tell my blast hit something, food or a home. I smiled. "Your name is Cassie right?"I asked she nodded. " Well Cassie we may be saved!" I said, as I held her tightly and started running. 20 minutes later we we're in front of a large, mansion. "Wow..." We both whisper. I slowly open the door, and wonder in. I hear sounds up a head, I travel closer, later those sounds are voices! I open the door. "Un excuse me but -" I stooped talking and slowly covered Cassie eyes. A child, a girl being forced down by a 17 yr old girl? I ran into the wrong house,
Chaze to the rescue!

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[31 Jan 2005|05:25pm]

Title: Coin Operated Boy
Author: Valerie AKA joey_j_maggot
Rating: PG
Pairing: Joey/Wednesday13 (Murderdolls fic)
Disclaimer: No sex. Horrible romantic thing...
Summary: Something beautiful was taken for granted, and even after time has passed, he still feels the burning regret of his actions.

Read more...Collapse )
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[19 Jan 2005|09:07pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Okay, i wrote this the other day and yeah it was a bit rushed. Tell me what you think

PerfectCollapse )

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[26 Dec 2004|04:40am]

This is a short article I wrote. I just wanted to know what I could do to improve it. Thanks!

The Desert AngelsCollapse )
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[17 Dec 2004|11:07pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Aussie Boy
Author: antihero_
Rating: pg-13(so far)
Pairing: Benji/Joel
Disclaimer" i do not own benji or joel but i do own the computer it was written on :D
Summary: Benjamin: married, with two kids. Joel: young boy who has moved in across the street with his younger brother and grandparents. What happens when their lives clash and Benjamin can't seem to forget about that aussie boy?

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...beta please! [06 Nov 2004|08:53pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Title: Moron
Author: candy_k
Rating: pg
Genre: Simple Plan slash
Pairing: David/Seb
Disclaimer: I actually kept them in my closet, but somehow they escaped! Weird.
A/N: Dude. It sucks. Seriously. Oh yeah. The quote was taken, by me, from the SP DVD that you'd get from the CD/DVD/DualDisc.

Thanks for betaing...Collapse )

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[22 Jun 2004|12:51pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

ok this is my first post here so umm Hi?

Title: Lifes Little Miracles
Author: Me ( lost_angels1029 )
Pairing: Benji/ Joel
Disclaimer: Don't own Benji or Joel even if i did this still wouldn't happen
Summary: Benji thinks back on what he's got in life.

ok here it goes

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Just something that popped in my head the other day. [15 May 2004|08:03pm]
Title: Don't want.
Author: Me ( twisted_ink/_flawed_mind )
Pairing: You chose
Genre: poem
Disclaimer: All Mine
Summary: just a poem/letter
Notes: x-posted both my journals, and every fic community I'm in. Sorry if I flood your friends page
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How to Leave Reviews [20 Apr 2004|08:20pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

(stolen from n_isfor_neville and x-posted like a bizzatch)

1 What is your reaction to this piece of writing? (Did it make you feel?)
2 Was there anything confusing about the plot or the way something was worded?
3 What is your favorite part and why?
4 Is there anything that can be improved?
5 What, if anything, about it was cliche?
6 Anything else you would like to add.

Now hopefully nobody will have to live with "omgwtf more plz!111" ^_~

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First time having a fic beta-read...here goes nothing... [23 Feb 2004|07:18pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Good Charlotte
Benji/Joel/Billy (implied)
pg-13 for suggestive dialog
x:: Who are you to decide what's wrong or right, to decide the limits of love? ::x

LimitsCollapse )

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[31 Jan 2004|05:32pm]

Title: Change (Chapter 1)
Author: Me!
Rating: R
Summary: Billy realizes that he's gay and that he has a crush on Paul. Will Paul feel the same? Sorry, my summarys are bad.
Pairing: In this chapter, it's Billy/OFC, but it will be Billy/Paul later on.
Disclaimer: I don't own Billy, Paul, or Good Charlotte. I do own the original female character.

Read more...Collapse )

I also have the third chapter of "Something Interesting" done as well.

Title: "Something Interesting"
Author: Me
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Well, my beta either forgot about the story, or she's really busy with school, or something. I don't know. Anyway, the chapter is called "Hotel Paper" and yes, it's named after the Michelle Branch album, which I listened to while writing this. Anyway, I'll shut up now.
Pairing: Still Billy/Joel
Disclaimer: Like I said before, I don't own Billy, Joel, Maiga the receptionist (Maiga's actually a friend of mine.), or anybody else in Good Charlotte, or their family members. Also, I don't own Mest. I do own all original characters though.

Hotel PaperCollapse )
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Virgin poster :) [28 Jan 2004|05:14pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Title: Drown
Author: Dizzy Dreamaway (pennamed Dreamcrusher on fd.net)
Pairing: Brian Molko/Original Character
Rating: R/NC-17
Synopsis: A young Brian Molko meets a beautiful stranger at a gig in London who takes him on a real rollercoaster ride over just a few short months. Can he escape the cycle?
Notes: Originally an imginative vampire story that got a bit out of hand, I've revamped (:P) and adjusted timelines to actually fit most of real Placebo history.

DrownCollapse )

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[26 Jan 2004|09:23pm]

Virgin! *stamps a big V on her head*

Title: Old Glory
Author: KoRn PoRn
Website: Slashaholics Anonymous
Genre: Angst/Emo
Pairing: Neutral, but an overall Matt/Jeremiah feel
Dedication: To Iris, because I love her.
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: Implied self-mutilation
Disclaimer: This is not real. I do not own or claim to know any of the characters mentioned herein. Any truth within is merely coincidence.
Summary: Emo Inside... You've got to be kidding me.

Old GloryCollapse )
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[24 Jan 2004|08:48pm]

As I have yet to post anything here yet, this is my virgin entry. Hope it's not too bad.

Title: Hollywood

Author: Lestat_Manson

Disclaimer: No harm, no foul.

Pairing: Benji/Tony

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Starts as Humor, runs down to Angst

Summary: "And in Hollywood, kid . . . it all boils down . . . to who wants to go the farthest."

Shine Your Lights NowCollapse )
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[16 Jan 2004|03:31pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Title: "Something Interesting"
Author: Me aka thestreetlights
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Chapter 2. Yes, I hate summaries! I don't think this chapter is very good. Just read it anyway. If you want to beta it, go ahead.
Pairing: Billy/Joel
Disclaimer: I still don’t own Billy, Joel, Maiga the receptionist, or anyone else in Good Charlotte. However I still own the doctor, I just don't own his last name (It belongs to a friend of mine.)!

Another DayCollapse )

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Hi - new here! [06 Jan 2004|03:01pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

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[23 Dec 2003|03:52pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Something Interesting Chapter 1 (Originally called "Something Wonderful")
Author: thestreetlights
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Billy suddenly becomes pregnant. How will Joel react? Yes, it's an mpreg story. It's already been beta'd, but I just want to make sure it's good enough to post on my site, in my live journal, and on some other fan fiction sites. I'm sure there are still some grammar errors in it. Feel free to beta and leave constructive criticism. Thanks!
Pairing: Billy/Joe
Disclaimer: I don’t own Billy, Joel, Maiga the receptionist, or anyone else in Good Charlotte. However I do own Dr. Starins, but I don’t own Dr. Starins’ last name!

Something Interesting: Chapter 1Collapse )

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[14 Dec 2003|01:42pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: I cn'at think of one
Author: me. myxkonstantine
Dedication: my life because it will most likely turn out this way
Rating: PG-13 not too bad though
Description: 2 fucked up friends in a fucked up friendship
Other: please tell me if this sucks, i wrote it when 2 girls were screaming at each other. i need criticism if i ever want
to improve. sorry in advance for suckiness. the bold is her POV. In case it wasn't clear this is Matt from Mest and a girl. The lyrics are from Soco * straw dog. Sorry if the sex sucks. Im not too good with that.

linkageCollapse )

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[13 Oct 2003|02:10pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hii! Ok, I'm Sean, an obsessive fan of Simple Plan, especially David *pant pant drool*

Ok, so this is my first Simple Plan fic, I dunno how good its gonna be or if I'm even gonna finish it. I hope I will, cause I like the idea. Anyway, read it.

Title: ?? if you have any ideas, please let me know! i suck at titles...

Rating: Pg-13 for this chapter

Pairing: Read and find out...yeah, don't worry, it is slash. What else? I just want it to be a surprise...

Dedication: To Kyle, the love of my life, and to Simple Plan (especially David), cause I love them, and to Jimmy, my laptop. And to the world, cause I love you!

Disclaimer: Actually, I do own them. They're my little minions of the darkness who lurk around in the shadows doing my evil bidding. Muahahaha. Nah, I'm just playin, I don't own them, I wish I did. But if I did I wouldn't waste them on something like doing my dastardly deeds. They'd be my sex slaves, duh! Hehehe, nice thoughts.

Warnings: Dirty words, suicide attempt(s)(maybe), slash, extreme bastardization of Pierre (sorry all you Pierre fans out there, I love him too, but it just works for the story), illegal activities (don't try this at home kids), sexual references, sex (not too graphic, but its there), some other stuff that isn't really bad enough to list.

Read more...Collapse )

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Creative Writing Class... [30 Sep 2003|03:16pm]

I absolutely love my creative writing class. Today we had to experiment with starting short stories in different ways. The first one is Description of a Person, and the second is Reminiscent Narrator.

Charcoal PencilCollapse )

Nature's Work Of ArtCollapse )

I'm thinking of turning them into short stories. One of them I'm going to use for class since we have to write a short story. We don't have to use them. But I really like both of them. So let me know what you both think? Or any ideas in the ways of where I should take them? Or just if you think they suck hah.
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